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El Tucan Shop
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The India Shop
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$ 3.97
Jeweltone Tropical Fish earrings; fine silver pewter, hypo-allergenic surgical ear wires
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Bluehand Store
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Trade Aid
$ 6.7
The Round Basket is traditionally the most woven basket among Bolga basket weavers. It is made of vetivar grass. It is common to have the handle wrapped with leather. All our basket weavers groups located outside Bolgatanga are good at weaving this type of basket. It is available in different design patterns and colours.
Itemcode: JBMSS1
Tintsaba Crafts
A gift of love and light from Swaziland
Itemcode: 5
We at HCA offer our clients a wide range of beekeeping equipment and accessories.1 Floor 1 Brood box 10 Brood frames with Beeswax Comb Foundations 1 Super box 1 Queen excluder 10 Super box frames with recyclable Full Beeswax Comb Starters for faster regeneration 1 Aluminium covered weatherproof roof
Itemcode: ADXXW03
Round pen/pencil holder.Handmade in the Holy Land by Palestinian artisans .<br>Size: 9 cm, 3.5 inches